Jesus is the answer

As Plain as The Nose on Our Face!

My fellow Americans, Brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus and We The People!

Ask yourself a few questions? What do you really see happening in America? If you watch the fake news the world wants to become a Socialist country and comply with walking away from all our freedoms. Do you? Is this what you really want for your life and your grandchildren?

Do your own research and see the truth! Wake up Americans.. Wake up before it’s to late. This country has been sold to China buy a large part of our very own, corrupt politicians that we elected or did we this is one question I have. They have been stealing America for many years now. Patriots we must stand up and fight for our Freedoms. They are our God given right. America was given to our for fathers and they died defending our freedoms because they are very important. This is a fight between good and evil. America is the last country that can create wealth, has many great resources and rich land that produces food at abundance and many resources. This is why China and other countries want to take us over. If they can divide us and take out our middle class and wealth then they can destroy us. Wake up Americans!

United We Stand and Divided We Fall!

We are the united states remember.

If they can bankrupt us and divide us then they are going to make us a communist country. We all need to demand the Democrats States that are shutting down there states and destroying our fellow Americans to step down and they are fired! We are there boss, we pay them and all of them in our congress that are not working for us need to step down and replaced. They work for us, We The People!

It’s as plain as the nose on our face. Look around for the facts and you will see voter fraud every where, Our Democrats Politicians giving large amounts of money over seas to crap that does not matter when all that money should go to the American people, rebuild all the small businesses and give them that money not the government because they only spend money on them selves!

President Trump gets 4 more years because he won by a landslide with over 90% votes from Americans! He is the best President and cares about Americans. We still have some Senators in White that are for We The People but they are few and far between! God is separating the wheat and the tears and I see it.

Jesus is the way truth and the Life. Time for the Church to rise up and put on your armor of God that we may with stand in this time! We all need to take back our country, stand with Trump and the patriots that are standing for us and get our lives right with Lord Jesus!

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