America The Beautiful!

America The Beautiful where have you gone? Your Purple mountains magistracy are still here. Where the Eagle still flies in the land of the Free! Where is our Freedom as we know it? What has happened to We The People? United we stand and divided we fall! This is what our past tells us.

Why do we have and need a Past? For direction, Truth, Change and Love! We are One Nation Under God in Divisible With Liberty and Justice For All! The enemy is in our land. I truly believe that we are all in this together so wake up!

The True Americans don’t see color of skin, we see Americans, People, Children, friendship, Family and Friends! We all have a past, we all sin and fall short of God’s Glory. We need to know what happened in our past History so we can all learn from this and walk forward and grow. How can you walk forward if your head’s on backwards?? You Can’t.

America The Beautiful where have you gone? Stand for our Freedom’s! Stand For Our Police! Stand for our President and the God Fearing Congress we know will fight! One Nation Under God, pray for the lost, we the people must stand! United together to take back our land!

The Bible Says” Train up a child in the way He should go: and when He is old He will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6 We need to change our schools Curriculum back to the old history, math, reading and basics. Then build up correctly as our children grow. I am proud to be American!! I don’t want communism or Socialism. I want our Freedom!

God Bless America! Sherri Lynn

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