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Further research shows more healthy benefits of CBD Hemp Derived Products can be for your life. CBD has a significant affect on pain and inflammation in our bodies and our pets. That is why I started my research in 2002 on Marijuana and the health benefites for myself. After my car wreck in 2001 I was on 13 prescriptions. My life was completely a mess because of all the Doctor Prescribed Drugs, full of chemicals not healthy for our bodys. I was praying for Jesus to help me get off all the pills. God showed me Genesis Ch. 1:29

“And God Said, Behold I Have Given You Every Herb Bearing Seed, Which is Upon the Face of All the Earth, and Every Tree, In the Which is The Fruit of A Tree Yielding Seed; To You it Shall Be For Meat.”

I began weaning myself off all prescriptions using Hemp, Herbs and Essential Oils, Vitamins and eating habits. It took 3 years to get off all of it. My life has been so much better and I continue to heal daily and my skin looks great for 54 years young. God’s medicine is always the best medicine. I began formulating my own cbd and hemp products. I tried them out on myself first then family and friends. Now I have my own store “My CBD Health.” BoroHemp in Alabama makes my formulas and my products for me except my body butters which they will be making soon. I have a lot of parents / customers that come into the store under Doctor’s advise on using CBD products verses medication. Some parents they always purchase my Broad Spectrum Gummies to take there children off prescription drugs with Doctors advice. They only do this under there Doctors care so please remember to consult your Doctor before weaning off medicines. My Paradise CBD Full Spectrum Oils are Awesome. My loyal customers have been using them now for over two years and tell me daily how they have helped them. Read our reviews.

Older Studies Below to reflect back on before reading the new ones……

In a study from August 2017, published by the National Centre of Epilepsy in Ecuador, revealed that CBD can improve the lives of patients with refractory epilepsy and regular seizures. 15 patients with serious epilepsy were asked to record results over one month when using CBD. The results are phenomenal:

  • 40% decrease in seizures
  • 27% complete disappearance of seizures
  • 43% improvements in the eating habits
  • 60% an improvement in speech
  • 50% an improvement in sleep
  • 100% improvement of mood.

In a July 2017 study published in the Journal of Neuropharmacology, it was observed that CBD had the ability suppress long term memories, which is sure to excite those who are using cannabis to help with their Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. During the study, the test subjects short-term fear memories were not suppressed but long-term memories were, indicating that CBD directly interacts with the dorsal hippocampus.

A study by the Sao Paulo Department of Neuroscience published in June 2017 revealed that CBD influences the brain’s response to pain. The animal subjects were injected with CBD and then subjected to pain through incision. The results showed that rats were in significantly less pain when CBD was introduced to their bodies. This suggests that CBD could be incorporated into pain relief management, especially pain associated with incision-type injuries. CBD has the ability and has proven to reduce blood pressure.

CBD has rapidly become a popular medical study. CBD it does not produce a high in patients who use it. Second, it does not appear to cause any symptoms of chemical dependency. A low potential for abuse or addiction makes it highly promising.

I know I have been using CBD now for over 3 years. It has helped me with many body aches, pains and inflammation. I also use CBD body butter every time I get out of shower and it helps my skin stay nourished, keeps my chronic pain under control all day long. CBG also helps my brain function better and I am speaking the truth about my experiences. Below you will find more information about CBD Benefits by: Katie Holms.

New Studies Below… 2021

Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil Benefits: 17 Experts Comment

Last Update: March 10, 2021

ByKatie Holmes

We are reaching out to doctors, health professionals & CBD experts on the benefits of CBD oil, and have listed all the great responses that have been sent to us so far below. While there are loads of anecdotal reports on how CBD oil has helped people, we are looking for scientifically-backed arguments with peer-reviewed studies for each reported benefit, and are looking to compile as much evidence as possible and as many comments as possible for each point.

So far, these are the reported benefits of CBD that reputable sources have sent us, along with links to the best full comment(s) for each point: Read More Here.

I hope the new study information I shared today helps you answer those questions about CBD Health. Hope you all have a blessed day.

Sherri Lynn

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