Inner Beauty

There is Great Spiritual Wealth in The Spirit of The Holy Ghost!

My Story, My CBD Health! Let me introduce myself. I am a Mother, Grand Mother, Business owner, Friend and Sister. On April 1st 2001 I was in a very bad car wreck. A Man ran a red light doing 65 miles per hour. He hit me while crossing a 6 lane highway in Huntington, West Virginia. I remember saying “Jesus Help Me!” I heard a Voice “Turn Your Wheel To The Right Now!” I spun around three times. It was as if time was in slow motion. My Car slid 90 feet after He hit my drivers side door. Glass flying everywhere but I had my seat belt on thank God. I mean Thank Jesus for urging me a 1/2 hour before the wreck to put it on. The Officer Said to Me He had never seen anyone survive a wreck like this! I was torn in half at the belt line. I had glass in my face, arms and legs. I was in shock and had no clue the road that lied before me. I just remember crying out Jesus help me and I heard a voice sitting with me say”Turn Your Wheel To The Right Now!” That saved my life. After that I was Prescribed 13 different medications. Three were pain pills, Muscle Relaxers, sleeping pills, Valium, Medicine for Inflammation, Arthritis Medicine and anti-de-presents. I was so miserable and in so much pain but didn’t want to live my life that way. I wanted to get better, get off all pills and have a better life. I prayed and God gave me the scripture. {Genesis Ch 1:29 And God Said Behold I Give You Every Herb Bearing Seed, Which Is Upon The Face of All The Earth, And Every Tree, In The Which is The Fruit of A Tree Yielding Seed; To You It Shall Be For Meat. King James Version.} Those Past two years in 2002 & 2003 I used CBD / THC & Other Natural Herbs to get off all prescription Drugs. I only take CBD Oils & Natural Herbs right now and they have helped my quality of life. In June 2018 I fell on concrete floor, I busted my head open and had to get staples. I had and still have a concussion. I started taking CBD Oil Drops 1,000 MG Daily. I have been getting better. I have control of my body and mind. I work and own my own businesses. I am very blessed to be alive and enjoy quality of life with my Family and Friends. I want to educate all people the benefits of CBD and I believe that Medical Maharajah is a better alternative for suffering people than Pills. Please look around my sight and read all you can about the studies and benefits of CBD Oils. Hemp CBD and Maharajah are two different plants and serve different purposes but both have CBD. God Bless…Sherri Lynn See Less

Singer, Song writter and mother. How CBD Hemp Derived Products have helped me.

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  1. Nicole

    Amen, amen,amen. Im so glad stopped in your store last month met you. You’ve educated me on cbd more than what I’ve read online. Thank you for sharing your story with me and may God continue to bless you so you can be that blessing to others. Thank you for being a follower of Christ, praying with me, and making this the ministry to grow his kingdom. Will see you soon for more products!


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