Keep Your Eyes on Jesus

Plain As Day Fallow The Signs!

Please ask yourselves a few questions? What happened to the Flu, our elections and our Government?

Do your own research. Jesus says to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. 2020 has become a year of fear, chaos and destruction. We have been lied to by part of our government to cause fear and take over. Certain government officials and offices are in bed with China and have sold us for political gain and control of American resources, food and our land.

It’s as plain as the nose on our face. This fake pandemic is nothing more than a COVID Flu that they have made into this fearful take over of America. This is there way of causing chaos and using it as a weapon to control us and brain wash us into obeying them. Part of our government is committing treason, fraud, money laundering, and are trying to destroy the constitution and freedoms by turning us into a Socialist Country.

Main Stream Media has become polluted full of lies causing fear and chaos to control us they come as a thief in the night to divide we the people. Remember a house divided will not stand, united we stand and divided we fall. See what they are really doing. If this wear a true pandemic the fact is the homeless people would all be dead and we would be walking around in full hazmat suits not a cloth over our mouth and nose that is proven science does not work. It really means to shut up and obey.

Look at what is really going on. They are stealing the election to give it to a man that loves China. Really do you believe Joe Biden won? Come on Man! President Trump won! He loves America and is the only President since 1776, Abraham Lincoln and even Ronald Reagan tried waking up the people. President Trump has been helping and exposing this corruption so we the people can keep our America God Given rights and Freedoms. We are the last free country left. We must take back our country and wake up!

We need to look at the true facts congress wants to give money over seas that we the people worked so hard for and we need to help our fellow Americans only. Many businesses have been destroyed by these Democrat run cities. It should go directly to the people that need it not the government officials to decide who gets it. These Democrats that are not helping the people need to be kicked out of office without pay. They work for us. Take back our power and put them out.

They stole the elections. It’s as plain as the noise on our face. Ask yourself…why would they pull out ballots from know where, count same ballots 10 times each and hide, trying to put pizza boxes and cover the windows so people can’t see what they are doing? Really think about this. This is the true behavior of cheating and scamming. This must stop now and be dealt with under our laws. They are not above the laws because of there position they hold. If it wasn’t for We The People they wouldn’t have that JOB!

Our government works for us, we pay them to work for us and with our constitution and govern our laws. We have the right to work and create wealth, free and fair elections, right to worship and religion. One Nation under God, with liberty and justice for All! Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.

I was praying and I felt in my spirit that God was saying to me Jesus is separating the tears from the wheat. ~ Matthew 13: 24 – 32 ~ You will start to see the good from the evil in its true form in this world and the church must rise up in Jesus name. We must Harvest and bind up the tears and cast them. I can see many things happening according to the King James Version of the Word of God our Holy Bible. Now is the time to really start working on our relationship with our Lord. If you don’t know Jesus read ~John 3:16 ~ For God so Loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, Jesus. That Whom so ever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life!

Seek God and He will show you what is truly going on. Look at the facts do research not what fake news is saying over and over to cause fear. God didn’t give us a spirit of fear. He gave us a spirit of Power, Love and A Sound Mind! ~ 2 Tim7 – 10 ~ . I am sharing with you what Jesus has shown me. Read it for yourself and seek out truth. This is serious look around and breath. Lets save America, home of the brave and the land of the free! Lets keep it that way for our future Americans! Keep your eyes on Jesus!

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Written By Sherri Lynn

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