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The Truth Will Set Us Free!

I feel everyone in the USA who sees the truth in how our Democrat party and a few Republicans are trying to take over our Country, and breaking laws left and right. We need to come together and make citizens arrests on these congress men and women and take back our country. The evidence is all there, Re-vote the party’s back in that are legal and Put the true President, Donald J Trump back in office!

He won and they have all been getting bye way to long. We The People need to stand up for truth, Jesus and the children! I pray all the time and this congress is wicked and we must turn back to God or Lucifer will rise up sooner and the mark of the beast will happen and so will the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is to soon but there is still some work to be done for the Kingdom of God! We must all stand together for the Children, Our Nation and for each other!

We are one Nation Under God and must fight for freedom till Jesus comes back. We need to come together and all of the Republican Party that is trust worthy, lawyers and our military. There is plenty of evidence to get the warrants arrest them all, no bail and let them be tried. Law and order by the book just like they would do to anyone of us people.

Our military is to uphold our constitution and keep us a free country. The white house has been taken over by a foreign land and we have to all rise up together and use the Laws, Our constitution to keep America safe and turn back to God, We need a revival in Jesus name ASAP!

All Americans except the Satan worshipers will stand together with God all mighty! We have God and if God be for us who can be against us! No One! we have to take back our government now before it’s to late in Jesus Name. I am a Minister, Singer and a servant of Jesus Christ! I have to speak this and God chose you to listen.

I will also be with you in Prayer and this is what all of us must do together. Stay safe and may God be with you all. They are the ones that need to be expelled from congress and you all have Americans with you so Stand up and fight Republicans!~!~!

Thank You all for stopping by to visit and read my studies and thoughts! I appreciate each and everyone. May God bless and keep you all safe. If you like what we do you can shop our online CBD Health store. http://mycbdhealth.com

God Bless,

Sherri Lynn

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